My window fills with golden light.
Leaves illumined in sun twist,

pirouette and shimmy
in the breath of the invisible,

gyrate in sudden squalls
ready to release their grasp.

Then tumble back to earth and, like
bones weathered in sun,

crumble into morsels mixed with
marl. Substance of the nucleus.

Nourishment for the whole.
In praise of the infinite.

Author’s Note.

I cannot yet move on to the next theme from this Sunday’s homily at my sweet Church of the Holy Family, ECC. Sharon Taylor gave us a beautiful insight into quiet and the importance of meditation. However, I feel the need to continue a little while longer exploring the theme of gratitude.

If I am grateful, it is not because I simply recognize the gifts I am given.

I can only be truly grateful when I use those gifts, release my grip of my expectations, my needs and wants.

My gratitude shines when I learn to love myself, the beautiful gift I’ve been given.

My gratitude glows when I use those gifts and not hide them in fear of, well, in fear of all those things I fear. I cannot worry about what has happened or what will happen. I cannot be anxious about what people will think or say about me. I must live in the present, in the moment.

Well, ta da! Here I arrive at Sharon’s suggestion of working quiet and meditation into our lives, something that grounds me into the present moment. It has been through my practice this past year of Passage Meditation with Kathleen Gorman and the amazing people who make up our small group satsang at my church, that I am coming to understand the importance of meditation in my life.

Trust, release, love, and sharing awakens gratitude. Learning to be present in the moment of life is the inroad.

Enjoy this moment, it is our gift.

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