There was no going back
Rather, there was
No going forward any longer
It would only be back
Deep into the dark

The light would fade
Slipping farther
Out of the blaze
Into obscurity
Not meaning to exit
Not yet anyway

But it was done
And when all is done
Becoming night


Author’s Note:
The photo prompt comes from Everyday Poems. I was also inspired by one of the regular poets on the site, Reno King Lawrence whose poetry I always enjoy. I never heard of Francesca Woodman but was moved by her photography and story. Thank you to both Reno and Everyday Poems.

One thought on “Release

  1. It is so cool to see the varieties of creativity birthed by a prompt. I believe the picture is a Francesca Woodman original since it was linked to an article written about her. LL who is editing manager of Every Day Poems mentioned her in an e-mail exchange I had with her to which I researched her life and legacy with fascination and saddening at how she died of suicide at such a young age. Her pictures never receiving much attention until several years after her death. Definitely worth doing a research on her life and work, if anything very interesting and thought evoking.

    Thanks for the link and enjoyed your poem.

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