The Magdalene


















The Magdalene

A One-Woman Show by Lexanne Leonard

Mary Magdalene has a rich tradition that spans centuries as well as the globe. Many have claimed her as their own and her mythologies abound. Novels, movies, and misguided declarations have portrayed the “Apostle to the Apostles”, forming her into a legend, prostitute, and saint.

You are cordially invited to spend an evening with Magdalene where you meet her face to face and hear another side of her story. In The Magdalene, Lexanne Leonard introduces to you to this woman of faith in a way you may not have envisioned.

The one-woman show is based on the Gospel of John and the part of the crucifixion narrative that has been quietly omitted from the Passion of Holy Week. The Gospels of Mary and Philip have also been drawn upon; while Ms. Leonard boldly fills in the gaps of those times between what is written and the resurrection.


About Lexanne Leonard

Lexanne Leonard is a writer, actor, and teacher. She has performed for over thirty years in community theatres in the Denver Metro area and with Merry-Andrew Afoot, a theatre company run by her and her husband. Taking a break to teach elementary school for several years, Ms. Leonard has once again found her passion for the stage, after she joined the Ecumenical Catholic Communion.

Through her exploration of Celtic Christianity and its high regard of the bard and poet, she has discovered her ministry in developing monologues that give voice to women of the New Testament; voices that she feels have been ignored or silenced through the centuries.

Other pieces Ms. Leonard offers for performance include The Woman With the Flow of Blood and, soon, Royal Purple, the Syrophonecian Woman, and Elizabeth, Mother of John the Baptist.

Ms. Leonard’s theatre work has been published along side of other noted playwrights such as Christopher Durang and Moises Kaufman, in several editions of Audition Monologues for Young Women, complied by Gerald Lee Ratliff.

Her poetry has been featured on-line at Tweetspeak Poetry and her first book of poetry based on the Celtic Christian church year will be out at the end of this year.

Her work can also be found on the Homepage or you can follow her on Twitter at @leximagines.

If you would like to contact Ms. Leonard about performing for your group, you can contact her at She also offers writing workshops for all ages exploring the Wisdom and Light that resides within us through writing.

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