Creator’s Waltz

Creator's Waltz

Creator’s Waltz by Lex – watercolor pen and PicMonkey


Rest and reflect                then

Step         Step         Rest

See and acknowledge
Take all time needed

Step   Step                  Rest

Deeper understanding

Step                    Step      Rest

Stillness in her crescent

Step             Step            Rest

Compassion for my being


Perfection in Creation





Author’s Note:

After a deep conversation with a dear friend and coach, we talked about how it seems we are always taking two steps forward and one step back.

A light bulb went on!

In my work with Intentional Creativity I am also learning how to reframe my story. And here was the nugget.

It is not two forward and one back. But a waltz with which we are blessed.

Within that three step, there is wisdom and Light, if I take time to pause.

It is not a move backward, but a stillness calling for reflection.

Not a stoppage to beat myself up for not being perfect. But a resting time to see more clearly that I am perfect just as I was created. I need no work on that piece. Just acknowledgement.

Ah, there’s the rub.

Blessed be.


Day Two – Peace Poetry Postcard Month

You chattered and squealed
as Benny and I walked the concreted
peripheral of open space nestled
into my suburban hood.

I wondered of the fuss.
At first, I didn’t know it was you.
On return, you crossed our path
dropping your wily cover.

I peel off my dreary mask
cleansed under peace of night
and dance your raccoon waltz.


Precious Intrusion

Do you hear it
tapping on the night window
ever so discreetly
drawing us into its
rhythm, its rhyme

First rain, spring’s
I still myself, hold my breath
afraid to frighten away
its precious intrusion

Come to me
without discretion
and we will waltz
my hand in yours
hips pressed against
one another
enveloped in
spring’s holy baptism




Author’s Note:

The first rain of spring came tonight. I love the rain.


here and now
don’t wait

into the arms of the Divine
waltz in meadows
elegant partners
three beat whirl
over purple tansy
gazing up to your Light

Put on your tap shoes
make some noise
don’t be shy
do it
on city streets
metal grates
make some noise
make them notice
Light filling alleyways
rolling up
sides of sky high walls
your noise
into the universe

Slip on
your ribboned shoes
weave satin strings firmly
around your ankles
and rise
to the highest pointe
rise even further
find your Balance
deep inside
your Touchstone
you are strong
how strong you are
then spin
spin to throw off your sorrows
your sadness
leave behind
breathtaking beauty
perfectly still
so no wind will fall

Take off your shoes
dig your feet
into precious earth
Sway your hips
shake and move
to the Divine Song
grab a hold
the Eternal’s there
waiting to partner
don’t stand up the Immortal
grab hold
feel the riffs
of a sensuous you
jazzed and alive
shake it out
twirl, swing, spin

don’t wait
a moment longer
your Partner