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There’s something
about the first rain of fall
when it comes, finally, to fill
in the cracked earth of
summer’s heat

A mollifying, reminding one
that change will come,
regardless, and without
our doing, or undoing

As we circle and spin,
we transform
by our living, re-shape by
what passes over and
around and through us

There is no control, none
really needed, just patience
and some stillness
to sanction the interval
until drops upon the roof
announce their arrival


Day 23: Peace Poetry Postcard Month



In winter’sĀ forest room
light streams down
from eternity’s birth,
moss unfurls where
no sun alights,
vines yaw, rocks
linger in peace.

Noiselessness drums
a tattoo of suspension,
clemency, tolerance.

In the forest room
we rest to wonder,
breathe to embrace,
slumber our transfiguration.


Day 19: Peace Poetry Postcard Month



The day I died,
a bereavement of sorts,
I found myself dismembered.

Through shattered
scattered all round,
I foraged to recompose
the whole of me.

I learned to leave
behind depletion.
Breathe in singularity.

As shard by shard
myself rebuilt,
a peaceful horizon

We lose in pain,
but in the gain
we find ourselves





It happens,
without much attention given.

Each cycle, snows fall.
As days grow, in design
sun transforms crystals
into droplets that sink deeply
inlying drowsy earth,
a drink of conversionĀ to buttress revolution.

A rhapsodic unruly revelry begins.

There is innovation
in each sprout pressing up
through wintered bed.
A refinement from previous growth,
persistently rooted in experience.

Transfiguration isn’t left solely
on mountaintops.

It is meant for every foot
married to luscious earth.
A volley of blinding light
blossoming exuberance
comes from within,
a furnace burning
a passionate ferocity.

Once begun, flush refuses
to be cooled, burgeons,
mandatorily unfurls,
solitary but surprisingly weak.
Yet given breath and light
and time, some adversity
to affirm remarkable strength,
radical life swells anew.




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