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Only an occasional passing car to bring me down,
back to here,
I fall into breathing rhythm of Bremen’s half-sleep,
comforted in his watch,
heartbeat to heartbeat sync, we are One.

I memorize the patterned beat of rolling tires
clipping cracks and asphalt riffs from frozen melts
outside my bedroom window.

This is real ground under my feet.

In my undoing I learned to reassemble,
notice small syncopated taps, life entering
with each pant.

Transformation does not make itself
on sidewalks under full sun. It is not
gleaming glitter sprinkled to make show.

I align myself in formation not with rigid
anatomy, but with fine variation.

An almost perfect petal, virginal white,
but for fragmented hue brushed
by an all-knowing hand, grace tenders awry.
He came not in perfection, but like me.

Sacrifice does not mean to suffer, but
to make sacred.




Author’s Note:

This is the first Lent in a very long while where I have not participated in traditional Christian ritual. I stepped away for a bit, not from Christ, but from form.

I realized that this is what Lent is all about. In the past, I couldn’t reach him, feel him, be me with him. I busied myself doing what I thought were the prayers and the actions that would show me the way. I never succeeded. I felt guilty. I wasn’t perfect in my form.

I rest in a different space now.

Transformation comes in small taps, bits and pieces, until I recognize it. Then it all comes tumbling down, only to reveal the Real.

We are all community. I find my Oneness in Jesus, but also see more. He expected that from us, hoped for this, I truly believe. He enfolded all to him reminding us that we have always been worthy – human, beast, plant, earth, water, air – all beloved.

When I falter thinking there is only one way, I remember that he came as I am, in our multifaceted, brilliantly brutal human way. There is no other way, but Oneness between all.

Shatter the form and let your soul rise. Allow those tiny taps to break you open to become One. Remember the root command – love one another.


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here and now
don’t wait

into the arms of the Divine
waltz in meadows
elegant partners
three beat whirl
over purple tansy
gazing up to your Light

Put on your tap shoes
make some noise
don’t be shy
do it
on city streets
metal grates
make some noise
make them notice
Light filling alleyways
rolling up
sides of sky high walls
your noise
into the universe

Slip on
your ribboned shoes
weave satin strings firmly
around your ankles
and rise
to the highest pointe
rise even further
find your Balance
deep inside
your Touchstone
you are strong
how strong you are
then spin
spin to throw off your sorrows
your sadness
leave behind
breathtaking beauty
perfectly still
so no wind will fall

Take off your shoes
dig your feet
into precious earth
Sway your hips
shake and move
to the Divine Song
grab a hold
the Eternal’s there
waiting to partner
don’t stand up the Immortal
grab hold
feel the riffs
of a sensuous you
jazzed and alive
shake it out
twirl, swing, spin

don’t wait
a moment longer
your Partner