That Boy

Day 7: Peace Poetry Postcard Month

Dedicated to my students and all students and educators everywhere.
We will never give up.
The boys with birds in their hair need us.
Love, your teacher.


He had birds in his hair,
that boy.
One white one, one red one,
in a mussy nest of midnight hair.
They didn’t care.
They were a peaceful amalgamation.
One boy, two birds,
and his hair.



Day 6: Peace Poetry Postcard Month




Voices thread in and out of
music wandering through
the cafe. Attorneys. Students.
Loner. More.

We are brought together,
not for the same reason.
We eat or sip or chuckle,
wonder as sun sets behind the sign
announcing the daily special.

Yet, we are here for the same,
a peace we hold together.
Strangers with only this place to be,
present in eternity.