Ledge. Lex Leonard. Acrylic on Watercolor paper.19’X24″

Sleep the ledge where line meets touch
don’t roll 
one side or other 
lest balance lost

Doctor, hold hands 
fill with marigold petals 
color of forest fire sunset

Caramel sky, saucers fly
do you belong
if, so, welcome

Smooth skin spirals
stem of possibility 
little mouse where are you

Walking the door
opening roar 
silence sitting 

Corpse seed cleared 
E=empty bowl
gurgling pool 

Syndrome of afterlife
nothing certain
no need

You ride voices

Do the math

Look beyond

Beautiful hands




Author’s Note.

Another visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens for our writing group to write.

During our community time before putting down our thoughts, I gathered words from our conversation. These became our prompts and opening line:

Sleep. Doctor. Caramel. Smooth. Walking Corpse Syndrome.

You do look beautiful.

September Fever

The cool does not rise high enough.

A fan roosts in the upstairs bedroom
window whirring air inside from
outside’s evening calm. The sun below
my viewpoint allows only a cadet grey
to tint what soon will be a veil
of glistering pinpricks against
a sable tarp.

Here I lie in stillness
except for the roar of motor
grinding on to subdue the remainder
of day’s heat infused into walls
surrounding my dissolution.

I release into slumber.

May your sweet hands hold my light
while darkness enfolds me.

May I leave space for You as
dreams give way to wonder.

May you girdle me upon my rise,
awash in your nucleus of vision,
your bold demand, Your love for me
as I for You and for all.


I’m fast asleep and now I am awake…

In deep of night I fall fast into
moon’s full smile
who brings the wild out in
every child mortal

I dance on toes with arms
a-swing, I reach to touch
most anything that warns
against such foolishness

In her glow, Luna’s silvery
stream I swim in ripples
and waves of beams to
carry me to lustrous
wide realms

I am awake in her quick
light fast and watch you
hidden solemn in your dim
night cold

Follow me far from your
hallowed cell, be with me
at the Moonglow Ball

Together we waltz
fast and awake
leaving night to those
asleep in their ache





Author’s Note:

Today I reunited with our writing group. I have been gone too long. What a joy to reconnect with these lovely writers and even lovelier people.

Sheila brought “Malieisms” today for our writing prompts. Not sure how to spell that. Malakhi is her grandson who is three. He is always sharing his wisdom. And, yes, his words are wise.

A few examples:

There’s an exclamation point in my mouth.

Let’s follow the sky and see where it leads.

And then my prompt chosen by blind number and the title of my poem:

I’m fast asleep and now I am awake.

These remind me one of my favorite poets, Naomi Shihab Nye, and her poem One Boy Told Me. I play it every April during National Poetry Month for my first graders.

Thank you, writers, for a wonderful morning.