Here’s what you get in today’s news:
“Rotterdam considers roads made out of plastic”
A celebrated accomplishment, indeed

I wonder how that might work here in the Sonoran Desert
where sun bakes earth into hard crusted sweeps
to allow only bravest of green to push through
with its pricks and brambles and rocks where lizards laze
and Narnia bugs’ noxious spray defends their guard
on sweet-juice prickly pear

Would our transformed waste, Rotterdam’s fascination,
bear our transport across bone-dry wild where scorpions
hustle, vultures celebrate the fallen, and tarantulas samba

Let me take the guesswork out of Rotterdam’s conclusion,
something to fit your schedule so not to keep you too long
from your daily occupation

We fill our world with our creations, not a worry
of how long they will live their life once we are gone,
or the space they fill in perpetuity with our wants

Wouldn’t we better ourselves if we were to sit
under Sonoran sun with beasts and bugs
to pause in wonder

Might this be somehow be enough for us?

Author’s Note:

Our delightful writing group gathered this afternoon for laughs and sighs from end-of-school-year tired.

We each received phrases from a prompt suggesting a sales pitch. Mine were:

here’s what you get
fits your schedule
take the guess work out

However and true to my form, I needed a bit more inspiration. So I went to my e-mail and took the first subject line. It was from Project Journal: Rotterdam Considers Roads Made of Recycled Plastic.

These communions fill my soul. Thank you, ladies.


Photo of Sonoran Desert courtesy of Wallpapers.



A gentle kind of madnessIMG_2264
takes me by the hand
as fog nestles within the gyre,
a game of hide-and seek ensues.

Overtaken under steel gray billow,
rain anoints my face, a lavish liturgy
unpinned from above.

Sweet lunacy fills my being
as autumn requests a partner,
twist and spin, a samba
under a tangerine ball.




Author’s Note:

I love the fall. 🙂