Day Six


depend on the day you choose to hear them,
not so quaint passing voices

Let them be the segue dare

Depose them, YOU dare THEM
cruise right by them

Line your house instead
with arias

just imagine


Today’s prompt always stops me. ‘Choose a poem in another language that you don’t know. Read the poem thinking about the sound and shape of the words, and the degree to which they remind you of words in your own language. Use those correspondences as the basis for a new poem.”

Its hurts my brain Every. Single. Time. No matter how hard I try, my brain refuses to be loose with it. Others find it delightful fun. I am in angst. I’m too concrete. And I give up and ignore the prompt.

But with the encouragement of a few artistic friends, I soldiered on today.

Michael – The nature of inspiration…?

Sepha – Hmm, that in itself might be your prompt!

Catherine – Perhaps a conversation with the myth of inspiration! Or with angst!

Here is the poem I used. I did not read the English translation until I completed my poem.

dramaturgia do mundo
by Francisco Mallman

tanta coisa depende de quantos 
passos voce consegue dar 
depois de cruzar 
linhas imaginarias

Then I wrote down the words I heard and saw that reminded me of something in English:

Too Much Drama

Taunt cause depends day quaint
Passes voice can segway dare
Depose dare cruiser
Line house imagine arias

From that, it led me here:


Tauntings depend on a day you chose to hear them
not quaint passing voices
Let them be a segue dare
depose them, you dare them
cruise right by them 
Line your house, instead,
with arias,
just imagine

And the original Portuguese poem in English:

dramaturgy of the world
by Francisco Mallman,
translated from Portuguese by Robert Smith

so much depends on how many 
steps you are able to take 
after crossing
imaginary lines

I guess I didn’t let the prompt taunt me this year.