The Poet and the Morning Train

The train was late today, hypnotic with its slack return,napofeature3
tardy on tracks anticipating, making no amends.

I teeter up the steps into its Herculean mouth
and find my place among its captives dazed by morning sun.

Defiant winter clouds, away they rolled through darkened night,
the new-born spring now unconcealed shined upon our day.

And pulling from its temporary stall, a jerk, push back,
no gentle abdication there, I cache myself within

your book, a salve for wounds, escape from cynical minds. I
free myself from stifled rank and file gleaning your words,

ordain my mind to fields beyond, drown out the clack and
rumble. My ride runs out, I stand once more, depart to ground

inert. I dash to meet delays, ordeals not my own.
The train departs once more, still late. I plunge into the day.


Author’s Note:

Today at NaPoWriMo our challenge for National Poetry Month is to write a “fourteener.” Visit the page to read more about that!

Our writing group also met with prompt in hand. My blindly chosen prompt was as follows. An opening line and seven words to include:

#6. The train was late today and it was always early…


TADA! I combined the prompt with a “14er.” Please be gentle, I am recovering from the flu. 🙂

Morning Psalm

In the stillness morning holds,
even with windows closed,
I hear the birds.

I pour coffee
with a touch of milk,
a bit of sweet,
breathe deeply
of this new formed day.

I think of your touch,
your voice,
and your smile,
wonder how this interlude
could fill me more.

He has given me a pause,
the birds, and you,
let me be worthy
of His joy.




Author’s Note;

After writing a poem a day for thirty days, I felt a bit empty going to bed. So I did this instead.

The Big Poetry Giveaway, 2014

Those of you who know me remember my joy and frustration and joy after completing two straight years of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I have two novels awaiting my editing pen. I will get there. Someday. Sadly, this past year I was not able to participate.

However, I’ve been writing poetry. And NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) whispered my name.


To celebrate this month of poetry, I decided to participate and commit to writing a new poem every day. In addition to writing and because I also enjoy reading poetry, I took the poetry dare from Tweetspeak Poetry. I was given the name of a poet I have never read. I promise to read one poem a day by that poet during the month of April.

Tonight while poking around a few hours before April 1 entered the scene, I discovered The Big Poetry Giveaway, 2014.  So I decided to share the wealth and greet the month with a giveaway!

big poetry giveaway 2014

My Giveaway

I do not yet have a book of poems published to give away, although two of my monologues can be found in print.  So until my poetry appears on the printed page, I will giveaway one copy each of two of my favorite poetry collections in hopes they will become a favorite of yours, too.

InsideOut: Poems by L.L. Barkat, managing editor at Tweetspeak Poetry, is my first giveaway.  It is a graceful journey through a year. Her words are beautiful, simple, and elegantly crafted. These are poems to savor with a lovely cup of tea by your side.insideoutcover

The Alphabet Not Unlike the World by Katrina Vandenberg is my second giveaway. A trip through the alphabet brings laughter and wisdom on a ride that you won’t want to end.


How To Enter

If you would like to be entered in my drawing, just leave a comment below with your name and blog address so I can contact you. If you don’t have a blog, please leave me your e-mail address.

The giveaway ends April 30th, 2014 (PST). Winners will be chosen the week of May 1 with the books being mailed to you shortly thereafter. Good luck!

Here is a link to the Big Poetry Giveaway, 2014 with more detailed rules, especially if you would like to participate in giving poetry away, too!

You are also warmly welcomed to visit my Home page to read my poetry. Leave a note. I’d love to hear from you.