It is said fire cleanses
but it is a brutal way

Engulfed in passion or
friendship or promises
flames lick, rise to ignite
then destroy all in it’s path

Trust crumbles into blackened ash
Love is lifted away in thick grey smoke
What was once a surety, now glowing embers

I stand alone
long to hear you through the inferno

May your flame light in me
strength and hope





I release to You all that is fear.napofeature3

I surrender my breath
to be filled with your life.

I still myself so I may hear
your heartbeat.

I settle within your compassion
to see others the way you see me.

I rest, held in your palms,
in the wideness of creation.

It is not my design, but yours.

May I let my wild being
flare in your fire, purified.

May I realize myself
in your presence.

May I walk my path side by side
knowing we are One.

May I heal in your sacred unfolding,
trust deeply, dance lightly,
revel with abandon.

May I lay down who I was,
and accept your Grace to become.




NaPoWriMo Day 30 The end.

As in all endings, there is always a new beginning.