Stand Up

Day 13: Peace Poetry Postcard Month




Stand up,
even if exhaustion
grips your soul,
stand up.

I was told,
look at other
points of view.

Exhausting work
when other views
ignore the peace
of ourĀ heartbeat,
cry of empty stomachs,
moan of our segregation.

Stand up,
don’t sit down now.
We’re making a


Elizabeth, Coretta, and the Full Cold Moon

Day 8: Peace Poetry Postcard Month



Steadily she swells,
burgeoningĀ and lambent
even though she was cautioned –
never could she illumine the void.

They expounded,
she wasn’t brilliant enough.

Regardless, amaranthine and
at each turn, she inaugurates
with a sliver of a smile
and moves ocean tides.