Ledge. Lex Leonard. Acrylic on Watercolor paper.19’X24″

Sleep the ledge where line meets touch
don’t roll 
one side or other 
lest balance lost

Doctor, hold hands 
fill with marigold petals 
color of forest fire sunset

Caramel sky, saucers fly
do you belong
if, so, welcome

Smooth skin spirals
stem of possibility 
little mouse where are you

Walking the door
opening roar 
silence sitting 

Corpse seed cleared 
E=empty bowl
gurgling pool 

Syndrome of afterlife
nothing certain
no need

You ride voices

Do the math

Look beyond

Beautiful hands




Author’s Note.

Another visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens for our writing group to write.

During our community time before putting down our thoughts, I gathered words from our conversation. These became our prompts and opening line:

Sleep. Doctor. Caramel. Smooth. Walking Corpse Syndrome.

You do look beautiful.


Skiff. Lex Leonard. Denver Botanic Gardens. 07.18.2021

A pink umbrella floats across water upside down right side up reflection a masked woman her partner saunter lotus floats edges ripple into shapes unknown just reflections Emma’s shoes drop bag opens an escape of used tissue tumbles with breeze no longer confined finally free Emma lowers bottom placed on cemented edge toes submerge into cold no excuse from early morning rain door opens through threshold a pink umbrella upside down floats a skiff holding promises forgotten floats away Emma wiggles her toes through the door a threshold a marigold sea of petals remembers golden sun and sweet scent of bloom a pink umbrella carries away excuses pain rememberings upside down filling too full Emma watches sinks below waterline under lotus pad into murky substance a place to break down become that which feeds new growth from murky substance repaired Emma’s toes curl stretch sprout vines reaches into murk feeds from what she once knew now reconstructs releases lets go gives in grows new bud precious bloom turns to sun’s face warmth color bright graceful 

Emma transformed

Dear You

Dear You,
You’ve gone ahead and taken over
as you should,
wrapping your arms around my rubbish.
Verdant flourish over my decay.
Filling air with sweetness 
for which only you have the prescription.
Teach me one more time to play.

Your Foundling

Dear One,
We are a braided ribbon.
One, yet separate,
of hues unique.
Not in isolation, but communion.
I am always there for you, 
will you be for me?

Your Loving Mother




Author’s Note:

Na/GloPoWriMo Day 11. Write a letter to and from.

Dear You. Watercolor, pencil, computer. Lex Leonard

Junk Drawer

I rattle the box.

An Altoids tin.
A jangle collection of screw heads
I didn’t know was there.

Birthday candles.

So many shapes and colors
to light celebrations
I no longer have.
And when I do,
I forget,
and buy more.

Much like the years that pass each May.
Collections I forget were there.

But I can’t buy more years
when I can’t find the memories,

lost possibilities.

I can’t keep them in an Altoids tin.

And even if I did,
would I remember?




Author’s Note.

Day 10 of Na/GloPoWriMo and an interesting exercise.


Re-arrange dust mites
resting on the self

Find the shoe that
has not been worn
for, oh, so long ago
it may be needed someday

Listen to the chimes
choral with the wind

Sit in sun at 10:23
on the steps
the ones leading upstairs
not down

Touch your heart
deep inside
count the beats
you are still here

Peel two clementines
stack the skins
breathe deeply their balm

Sweep his fur
from corners and crevices
he’ll return soon
to claim his space once more

Run your fingers
along the hem
of the silk peach slip
your grandmother gave

Close your eyes
feel your ancestors
at your left and right
above and below
in front and behind

You are never alone




Author’s Note.

Today from our friends at Na/GloPoWriMo we are asked to write a list poem about an unusual character.

I don’t think Pandemia is too unusual and I have never taken to list poems. And yet, here we are. I like this one.

Anna Flight

Ice. Acrylic. Lex Leonard.

You didn’t hear me leave.
My footfall precious on wood slatted floor
under early morning light, my escape.
Your slumbering breath keeping beat.
Across lawn, down walks,
over the berm into the field
where dew forms without knowing you.
Mother bird begins her day.
I lost my way.
I couldn’t help it, never to see your face again.
I got lost and then,
Everything blanketed.
It was easy to lay down.
I wanted to say goodbye, but
I was lost.
Sleep well, my sweet.
There is nothing I need to remember any longer,
just your breath,
my ghosted shroud in early morning light.




Author’s Note.

Day 8, just in the nick of time before the clock turns, of Na/GloPoWriMo.

Our inspiration today was to write a monologue influenced by Edgar Lee Master’s Spoon River Anthology.

Oh, one of my most favorite theatre pieces ever – to watch, read, and perform.


Image by Lex Leonard


in snow
edging berm.

Stepping off, or a
return to what was, will not be?

I search for answers
in spring, not
fall, but


Author’s Note:

Oh, I like this form.

Today is Day Seven of National Poetry Month and Na/GloPoWriMo. The challenge was to choose between two forms –  the shadorma, and the Fib.

I chose the Fib because of my exploration last year with the Fibonacci spiral exploration with Intentional Creativity and painting.

There are multiple ways to approach with expansion using syllables. I chose the medium challenge – 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and back again, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1. What fun!

Window Closed

Night Window. 24″X18″ Lex Leonard.

She flew into the window closed
my attention drawn
to the thud then flutter
dove escaping squirrel

A change of course but
no loss in flight
protectress of her nest
neither pleasure nor pain 
to be acknowledge

Simply survival

In spring there is a frenzy
to brith, bring new life

There is no time for pleasure or pain




Author’s Note.

Day Six of Na/GloPoWri Mo.

Today’s Challenge – “Go to a book you love. Find a short line that strikes you. Make that line the title of your poem. Write a poem inspired by the line. Then, after you’ve finished, change the title completely.Holly Lyn Walrath.

Most Of The Time

Most of the time….

It is too effortless to accept,
When sun shines upon me,
Accolades, and assume they are richly deserved. 
The sole proprietor, only myself.
Oh, so important.
Oh, so honored, the only one crowned but
(I live in darkness most, of the time.)

How I walk tells my story,
Shows true self, not in words, but in action.
Should I devour praise
In one big gulp,
So none is left behind? Hoarding so others 
Cannot warm their hands, see their path?
(But I live where I only see darkness, most of the time.)

Longing for sun I must remember 
Her light is for all.
She shines upon us as one.
My burdens not greater,
Honors no more important than another.
Oh, the freedom of releasing ego, letting go,
(So I can live freely in darkness and under sun.)

Leaving behind selfdom,
Insisting on stillness to allow the
Withering of greed and fear and anger,
I can finally
There freely and
(I don’t need to live in darkness, most of the time.)




Author’s Note:

Day Five of Na/GloPoWriMo gave us s form. “This prompt challenges you to find a poem, and then write a new poem that has the shape of the original, and in which every line starts with the first letter of the corresponding line in the original poem.” There were more ways to fit the shape, but I didn’t use those.

I also used one of the suggested poems: I Knew a Woman by Theodore Roethke.

Painting by Lex Leonard. Sitting With Moon. Acrylic on watercolor paper. 18″X24″

One Hundred Twenty

In those years
when we are lulled
by the hint
of what will be

     no longer of
     what can be

we must be reminded
to be those things
of everyday life

tamping the queasiness

no longer to ferment
those whispers 
farming them into
something where

anger is unavoidable

Remove the mask
allow the god-seed
to take root


in your 120th year




Author’s Note:

Today is Day Four of Na/GloPoWriMo. I missed writing my poem yesterday, but I did do my cards. So today I combined my writing with Day Three.

My words: queasy, lull, ferment, requited

Today’s prompt: I used a photo of mine instead of the suggested  @SpaceLiminalBot.

These are my cards being held in a sweet little origami box my hubby made for me.