You Spoke To Me Today

You spoke to me today
morning crescent moon alight at
the foot of my bed welcoming me awake

Your voice gentle rising steam
cupped within, held in my hand
warming the early chill

I heard your laughter today
my heart beats strong and faithful
for those who make me laugh

When I listen, you are there
whispering my name
holding me near




Author’s Note:

Little poems of love – to the Creator, the Goddess, to my love, and all those I love and who love me.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Iris and Fred Astair

Iris laughed in the wind today,10389674_10203046194067723_1093809327133319011_n
heads bobbing with rippling petals
sweet scent carried far away looking for
you since you were not near.

I want you to know I love to laugh,
to bob my head and ripple with joy
like purple iris in the wind reveling
in your cheer.

I want you to know I love to hear
your laughter rolling through
your office door making me smile
even though you didn’t know I heard.

I love to feel laughter furrow down to my
toes from silly puns and stories
and Fred Astaire who had a stand-in
for tap dancing.