For the child before STEM who will be forgotten



If you think it only happens in schools
It happens outside, too
After almost all the children have gone home
Near the playground
A gun in the hand of a teen

For the child who will be forgotten
For many reasons
For the child who doesn’t have the press
A life still lost
A life still mourned by a family who does not
Know why it happened
The night before more mourning

It happens so many times a day and we
Look the other way
Words of sorrow flow
Prayers are offered
Condolences given

And it continues
And life goes on
And no one will do anything
But sigh
Shed a few tears
Offer a few sweet words of hope
And then forget until
When it happens again

in less than twenty-four hours
The other child who died
At the hand of a gun

Author’s Note:
A teen’s life was lost last night near Independence Elementary, less than 24 hours before the STEM shooting. Another teen with a gun. Just 21 miles away. A world away.

And for all the others we will never hear about…





Day Eleven





Can I do nothing to curb where greed and malice
procreate, spawn and devour?
I watch as heresy scrolls across the dumbed screen.
In silence of the room I sit
wondering if morning birds would
sing if they were privy to our madness.



Author’s note:

Not using the NaPoWriMo prompt today…

My heart is heavy. I am a first grade teacher in Aurora, CO.
San Bernardino
Platte Canyon
Columbine…I need to stop…