I will not be able to post tomorrow, the final day of NaPoWriMo, so tonight it is.

Day Thirty


Yesterday, in exit, the sun
covered itself in silky
storm clouds
leaving me behind without
a bright or cheery farewell,
just a faint remembrance
of sweetness that once was.

I will not leave you
solitary on your journey.

I will write to you of
brilliant dawns and whispered kisses.
Words in envelopes sealed
with lilac glue to remind you
of me under billowy clouds of
lavender May blossoms.

And I will sing of you, so true and dear,
on wings of sparrows you will hear
a remembrance of my
love for you.



Author’s Note:

And with this, it is the end of another season of a poem a day in the month of April, a month for poets to lavish themselves in words.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will stop by once in a moon or so.

After all, we poets never fill of our passion for words and sharing.

Peace and much gratitude,



I introduced myselfnapo2014button1

and offered you

a rose

a red, red rose

the color of my heart

I offered

cotton candy words

and bitter coffee

tinged with cream


You graciously accepted


Now I must

step away

for the heart

does grow

somewhat fonder

with absence


I will not forget

your sweetness

your voice that

brightened my day

your touch

of comfort


I am


because of



I will not

disappoint you

on my travels

far, far away


In my heart

I carry

that red, red rose


just petals





Author’s Note:

Today’s prompt from NaPoWriMo: A goodbye poem.

I did it!

30 poems in 30 days!

Thank you NaPoWriMo for the challenge.

I  vow to keep up writing everyday and posting several times a week, maybe more.