Solar Eclipse


Solar eclipse with passing clouds over Centennial, CO, 10/23/14 as taken through the eyepiece of the telescope.

I cannot watch a solar eclipse with my bare eye.
It will burn. The light so bright that gives me life

will blind me if I look directly into it, even when
blackened by a lunar orb. I marvel to see the

unfathomable star dim, wonder what will happen
if all is lost. I watch a perfect raven disk slide across

the flare, between me and the Eternal, dimming
the blaze, if only for a moment in time. A disk

smaller than we are, meager compared to the
raging fire, inks out a perfect bite. Through the

darkened crescent no crack opens to let fire through,
yet in blackness I still cannot look directly into it,

else I lose my sight. I watch through tempered glass
a dance of the universe. Light Eternal darkened

transiently by a brief stay resumes in glory.
This pause of light caused by such a trifle, even

if just for a moment in time, remarkably inspires
hope. My breath catches at the thought of losing you.

Darkness descends over me, burns my eyes with
tears. I freeze not from the loss of your radiance but

the thought of blank space beside me. Our journey,
like bella luna tracing the sky, is only for a moment

in time. Darkness will pass. As we finish our course
we will be consumed by Fervent Fire for we are simply

made from the dust of stars. I am formed from the same
atoms as you making us One after our moment in time.