Red Thread Guide


The Legend of the Red Thread says…

Those who are supposed to meet
are connected by an invisible red thread
since before birth.
It can stretch and tangle
but it won’t break and eventually
we will be together.
It is our choice where we go from here
and how we choose to weave our togetherness.

The Way of the Red Thread is a vision for weaving a culture of collective connection. At a time when our world, and our own hearts are struggling to heal from fragmentation, loneliness, lack of purpose, and a general wondering of what it is all about, the answer comes. An answer that is both ancient and the keys to the future:

The Circle.

When we are gathered in connection,
The world begins to heal.




As in any circle, intention is the key. When we gather, we look into ourselves to discover a voice that is sometimes so small it is difficult to hear.

In a Red Thread circle we have time to rest a bit and connect with others, who like ourselves, wish to give that voice a place to be heard.

A Red Thread circle can be done for any gathering, be it a celebration or birth, an honoring of a passage, or simply a time of reflection and play. Many times it can be connected to an activity such as a writing exploration, a creation of an archetype card, or any creative self-expression. I have many ideas to share.



A Red Thread circle is not just for women. Children, youth, and men are all called to the circle to learn and share and connect.

If you would like more information about joining or hosting a Red Thread circle for your group, – book club, cub scouts, writer’s group, any celebration or passage – please feel free to contact me. In the Denver Metro area, I would love to connect with you to create and inspire.

Lexanne Leonard




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