Published Works

I am pleased to share my Initiate Book
from my Color of Woman teacher training
in Intentional Creativity with Musea.
Copies can be purchased at Blurb.


COW Cover



I am honored to be include once again in this lovely journal.



A new offering. My poem “The Tower” is included in this year’s Poetry Marathon Anthology!


Announcing the publication of Unfolding, An Advent Meditation for the season of Advent 2015. On


Unfolding is a daily devotional for the season of Advent. Beginning with the first Sunday in Advent, Lexanne Leonard brings a gentleness to the days through her offering of scripture, poetry, and prayer, ending on Christmas morning. It is a breath and pause to reconnect with the Divine in these busy days of Advent. Each meditation was written through lectio divina from the lectionary readings for each Sunday of Advent, Cycle C. Every day a piece of the Sunday scripture is expressed through poetry, prayer, and reflection. Also, each day of the week is dedicated to bringing to the forefront compassionate concerns for our world.

I am so very pleased to announce the publication of my first book of poetry. You can find it at


“I believe there are many voices which call us to delve into poetry. There are the different stages of life, changes in relationships, significant and unexpected events, and many more. The reason I find these particular poems so compelling
is that they arise from the variety of soils of human experience. At times provoking and yet others feel like a gentle companion
who appears out of nowhere matching time and place providentially. There is a beautiful journey hidden within these pages…a very human reflection which will be a welcome traveler along our own paths. I heartily recommend this work!”

Scott Jenkins, Celtic Way




My poem Permission is included in this second offering from TS Poetry Press and the talented crew at Tweetspeak in their Field Guide series exploring unique and rich methods of reading and writing poetry.

If you are a teacher or simply someone who wants to deepen your craft, this is a worthwhile stop. It is a practical and delightful book that can be adjusted to all ages and experience. I teach first grade and use it in my classroom just as easily as a college professor could find it useful for her class.


I am so very honored to be included in the second edition of
Audition Monologues for Young Women compiled by Gerald Lee Ratliff.

My monologue, Gabby, appears on pages 124-125.  Both books can be purchased at Amazon.

Of this piece, Mr. Ratliff writes:

“This crisp, clear, and often lyrical original monologue features Gabby, a fiercely independent and spirited young girl caught up in a horrific series of tragedies and torn apart from the inside as well as beyond. It is a beautifully drawn portrait evoking the sadness and pathos of a young girl in crisis who finds herself in unexpected situations of real emotional consequence while confronting the harsh realities of life. The complex ethical and moral questions of personal guilt and responsibility explored about some of the most troublesome aspects of the human condition are teated with blunt, riveting honesty that brings the monologue to a harrowing climax…and is genuinely heartbreaking in its depiction of the bleakness of loss.”

Thank you, Mr. Ratliff.

Gerald Lee Ratliff has collected some of the world’s best monologues for women actors featuring well-known playwrights and emerging new writers

A monologue from my ten-minute play Sheets of Rain is  on page 91 in this lovely anthology.

Description of Sheets of Rain from Audition Monolgues for Young Women – Contemporary audition pieces for young actresses by Gerald Lee Ratliff…
In this original monologue, Terri, a gritty and street-wise young woman who works as a waitress at a typical small town diner, remains hopelessly trapped in her mother’s haunting, idealistic dreams of Hollywood stardom.  In this stammering strain of pent-up memories, she painfully paints a blistering portrayal of her loneliness…of the grim struggle to wrestle with the negative forces of life and her fate. This simple tale of a young woman’s coming of age raises larger questions about the boundaries of love and the need to look to the future despite all present odds. Terri’s story is an honest and unsparing glimpse of a mother and daughter relationship shattered by the destructive forces of self-sacrifice and self-destruction that cannot be tempered or toned down.

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