Seduce the Muse & Tame Your Inner Critic with Shiloh Sophia


Have you ever wondered what the secret was to healing the voice of the inner critic?
And why what you have been doing may not be working?

Would you be interested in learning more about and experiencing the sought after flow state? It is closer than you think!

Did you know that you can begin to lower stress levels through this one method in 5-7 minutes?

If the inquiries above interest you, read further as I am sharing a special gift with you today.

Dear Ones,

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to transform your inner critic’s incessant nagging and shaming so that can hear your own true voice coming through? The critic’s messaging can impact every single relationship we have, and for most of us, it does.


You know the usual – you aren’t good enough… or aren’t worthy… or aren’t lovable. Those are the more obvious ones. Yet there are much deeper hidden ones that are often so difficult to even identify, because they have become a part of the fabric of who you are. To change those, you need to change the default settings in the brain, body and the heart.

There is a critic cure, and it might not be what you think. Many of us are familiar with that cruel voice within…but how familiar are you with the inner voice of love, curiosity, imagination and even celebration? Many of us are way less familiar with that one. Turns out there is something very specific we can do to turn that voice on! Shiloh Sophia, has the insight, and you can join her to learn about it here at The Shift Network.

If you’re longing to let go of being so hard on yourself, and craving more self expression, and soul-satisfying adventures then I’m excited to introduce you to my friend and colleague, Shiloh Sophia, a renowned visionary artist and founder of Intentional Creativity®. In her work, she focuses with thousands around the world on freeing self expression.

On Saturday, January 26, Shiloh will guide you to take your first steps toward freeing your inner self and experiencing more self expression — join us here  and take action to liberate the inner critic that keeps you caged. This free video event has a saucy title – check it out: Seduce the Muse & Tame Your Inner Critic: 3 Experiential Practices to Awaken Hidden Self-Expression.

I know Shiloh Sophia through  and my own experience with Intentional Creativity and healing/transformation this past year. I have not only become a certified Red Thread Guide leading circles of women to discover their beauty within, I  am now in training as a Color of Woman so I can bring the Intentional Creativity process to even more women. I am that passionate about my helaing and growth and this remarkable process that does NOT require you to be an artist.

Usually with Shiloh Sophia and her Muse you will be invited to tea with the great mystery and will need your pen and paper! But don’t worry, this has nothing to do with talent – during the hour we will switch to a view of Shiloh Sophia’s personal studio and she will share experiential processes with you.

Save your space here for this free video. 

Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure, and communicates her philosophy of life through her paintings, poetry and teachings. Her proven methods for “creating with mindfulness” have reached tens of thousands of students, helping them gain the insights needed to unlock the hidden self, heal their stories and move energy that has long been stagnant.

During these insightful 60 minutes with Shiloh Sophia, which includes the mini-workshop and an interview, you’ll discover:

  • How the inner critic has been with you since childhood and why most of your attempts to break free don’t work
  • A powerful tool you can use to seduce your critic into being your ally
  • Where the Muse hides — and how to invite her out, it isn’t what you think
  • How to listen to the Muse and hear what she’s been wanting to tell you
  • Experiential practices to awaken your self-expression in a 20-minute mini-workshop
  • How unleashing your creativity can help you rewire your brain

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how liberating your creative self can be the missing piece that propels you to take the next step in any area of your life.

It’s FREE to attend — simply register here at The Shift Network


P.S. Join us for Seduce the Muse & Tame Your Inner Critic: 3 Experiential Practices to Awaken Hidden Self-Expression, and welcome the adventurous Muse into your life to awaken your self-expression!

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

Here’s a little quote form Shiloh Sophia and one of her paintings, which if you are not familiar with her, you may recognize. And below is a painting you are welcome to use, called Off The Map



One day you will go to look for something
you did not know was lost
There will be an urgency to the intangibility,
a restlessness will stir your sleep

When you are finally ready to listen
to what isn’t being spoken
you begin to hear it and feel the pulse
A call is heard from the deepest chambers

You will spend the rest of your days
Learning to discern this call
from all the others in your mind and life
This is the call from soul

At times you may wonder
why it took you so long
You may feel regret, disappointment
or even desperation

At other times you may feel in love
The romance you have been waiting for
is within reach,
irony dissolves into enchantment

The sacred relationship
where you are seen and heard,
yes, the one you imagined you deserved,
and doubted you could ever find, is here

You are invited to a dance of seeming paradox
A space and place between the worlds where
the critic and the muse are holding a party and
you are invited, they have called your name

Will you answer?