On The Eve…


I like to walk at night in the dark so I can see the stars. They give me hope. Or, I walk in the morning well before the sun rises, before the creamsicle glow announces a new day.

In those hours I feel safe surrounded by that which I cannot see, but trust my dear beast will protect me if need arises. I want to feel the chill and be enveloped in the vast deepness and blazing silence where truth is hidden in the promise of hope. You know hope, those little twinkling lights I can only see when it’s dark.

Tonight on our walk I held a small stone to my chest, next to my heart where the energy of that swirling green chakra resides, the entry into Spirit, my Love. And I asked for all my fears deep within the darkness of my soul, all my hates that tighten my chest, all the hurts that have been hurled at me and captured – I asked that this simple stone be the chariot, the wagon, the wings to take this pain and hold it for a moment.

I walked with my mantram soothing my mind and giving time for those unwelcome guests to surround my tiny rock and attach themselves.

Under the skies sprinkled with hopes, I released the stone to Earth Mother. She will welcome that teeny piece of her back home again. She will do what she does best. Pachamama will take what no longer serves me, that which I have allowed to hold me in its grip, and she will cleanse it. Those hurts and pains and fears will become new soil in which to plant. Our sweet Mother will take them and bury them deep within her for transformation.

And in the promised spring, there will be richness to welcome new growth and life and beauty.

I pledge…

I will trust Spirit and give myself fully.

I will be a voice for beauty and song to fill the world with hope.

I will honor life and use my actions, everything I do, to uplift and offer more hope.

I will walk on Pachamama with grace and gentleness in gratitude for all I have been given.

I will live simply in work and play and all I do to keep my heart free and clear to receive more so I can be a watercourse for Spirit back into the world.


This day and everyday
may I speak impeccably.
May I work with honesty.
May I make art with a joyful heart.
May I forgive with ease and humility.
And may I love without exception.

This night and every night,
I bless you all and
all who pass this way
with peace and compassion
in great gratitude.


Three Women

Three women from art247.com
The maiden voyage launched
swells bearing virtue to far away shores
submerging innocence
in the watery blue

Only the wanton take the plunge
sailing on Neptune’s chariot
temperance flushed into the brine

She remains ashore
safe in her dreams
smothering her ache
a maiden’s purity bound to clay

Thetis silver footed nymph
navigating black seas
dipping her cherished Achilles
into the drink

A mother ‘s aegis
perfection except for
one neglected vulnerability

She remains ashore
his volition boarding the vessel
she loosening the anchor
emptying her soul

Passage to the depths
a pinnace once used for greater deeds
departs without fanfare

A corpse wrapped tightly
weighted with worldly discontent
slides into the mariner’s sepulcher

She remains ashore
salty dowager staying the course
circumnavigating her inheritance

Author’s Note:
Today at Wednesday Afternoon Writers, we used a prompt from Write and See: 99 Photos to Inspire Writing. We chose the photo on page 90. The photo shows three women facing away from the camera. They are standing on a boardwalk and leaning against a railing, watching a cruise ship passing by them.
My decision to write a poem instead of narrative came as I thought to explore three women of different ages. I see one young woman lusting for adventure but afraid to let go. The second is the mother who has raised her child, the center of her life, and now he chooses to leave her. Finally, a widow who is not necessarily in mourning.
I also decided I wanted a photo to accompany these poems. A Google search led me to the one above from art247.com.