I Don’t Do Easter Anymore

Day Five

I don’t do Easter anymore
Or ashes or fish on Friday

I no longer sit in church housed  prayer
To ask forgiveness of my imperfections 

Or kneeling as a sinner guilty for nailed holes 
And bloody hands and feet and crowns of thorns

Instead I glory in the rising sun 
Her velvet ears and gentle paws

My partner’s smile and loving touch
And homemade bread with butter

I don’t do Easter anymore
I don’t have time or space

But I know Your essence deep within
And rest in union in Your love


So, I didn’t quite follow the prompt today. But I used juxtaposition to describe my relationship to Easter past and now my present. Dark and light. Guilt and joy. No laughter here. Just deep and grace filled peace.

“Finally, here’s our (optional) prompt for the day. Begin by reading Charles Simic’s poem “The Melon.” It would be easy to call the poem dark, but as they say, if you didn’t have darkness, you wouldn’t know what light is. Or vice versa. The poem illuminates the juxtaposition between grief and joy, sorrow and reprieve. For today’s challenge, write a poem in which laughter comes at what might otherwise seem an inappropriate moment – or one that the poem invites the reader to think of as inappropriate.”

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