Practical Taxidermy

NaPoWriMo Day 1

Practical Taxidermy

In all practicality
how practical is it
to stuff myself with hope
when all that I will
leave with
is a whiff of a soul

and even that is an uncertainty

I can practically stuff a house
with wants, 
how practical is that 
when it’s time to move on

My head is very practical 
with knowing 
I think is vital

A practical
is not
what it’s 

cracked up to be

It is the unstuffing
where life breathes
and loves
and lives eternal

6 thoughts on “Practical Taxidermy

  1. Oh, Lexanne, this is such a wonderful poem. All the things we stuff ourselves with is not how to live a fulfilled life (Is there a pun there??). So glad I found your site.

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