May First

I always do too much
Expect too much of myself
Try too hard
It always leads to not doing enough
Goals never reached
Tasks left undone

Everything, including me

Today you greeted me
With your purple velvet

A bit of water here and there
Is all I have given
times of bone dry winter
When I didn’t come to see you 

You didn’t complain
No special fertilizer, pruning

Here you are
Glorious in being you
Sharing who you are
Not too much

And more than enough

I will think of you today
In simplicity
Kindness to myself

And I will smile

7 thoughts on “May First

      • Was your grandpa Joe Gorniak? I think he was the founder of the Globeville Veterans Association.
        I enjoy all your writing, but those about Globeville are very special to me.

      • Oh, my goodness!!! Yes!!!! Joe Gorniak was my grandpa. I didn’t know about the Globeville Veterans Association. But we were always delight with the story that he was a volunteer who taught the semaphore class at the Polish Church. But it turns out he did it in Polish. Hee. Hee. I have no idea how that worked out. And he had bees with a farmer who allowed him to use a part of his land in Arvada near the Jolly Rancher factory. Ahhhhhh, the memories.

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