Today In the US…

Today In The US…

They turned in their guns…finally listened….a sigh of relief….a deep breath….we could all breathe…they were broken and needed mending, not the guns, the users…they released their hunger for power, their bully moves, their anger…they saw their connection to us, to all…they finally listened, saw how we are all one…no longer a need to tell us what to do…they took a chance to trust…this is the way we heal…restore justice, without guns….restore trust, without guns….restore dignity without guns…restore compassion, without guns…no guns needed for this work…just taking a chance..fixing the broken mind that feeds on power and greed and fear…demilitarize it…allow it to rest, too…they turned in their guns today in the US…the world took a deep breath and trusted love.




Author’s Note:

Day 13 of Na/GloPoWritMo and we were asked to write a news article, a daily prompt from the Instagram account of Sundress Publications, which posts a writing prompt every day, all year long.

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