Re-arrange dust mites
resting on the self

Find the shoe that
has not been worn
for, oh, so long ago
it may be needed someday

Listen to the chimes
choral with the wind

Sit in sun at 10:23
on the steps
the ones leading upstairs
not down

Touch your heart
deep inside
count the beats
you are still here

Peel two clementines
stack the skins
breathe deeply their balm

Sweep his fur
from corners and crevices
he’ll return soon
to claim his space once more

Run your fingers
along the hem
of the silk peach slip
your grandmother gave

Close your eyes
feel your ancestors
at your left and right
above and below
in front and behind

You are never alone




Author’s Note.

Today from our friends at Na/GloPoWriMo we are asked to write a list poem about an unusual character.

I don’t think Pandemia is too unusual and I have never taken to list poems. And yet, here we are. I like this one.

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