Finally, It Snowed

Finally, It Snowed

There is a certain light 
that comes with snow,

               an illumination.

Not sharply outlining individual design,

                                           minute detail, but

a larger realization of shapes and planes,

                          long winding paths,

                                      rectangles of roofs.

In snow there is a luxury of the roar now muted,

that bows and dampens

                           as chinks and chasms fill.

There is required stillness,

                                               at least for a while,

to realize the vast beyond, 

           the vanishing point…

…even if it’s just illusion, 

                                      snow piles,

gently bestowing time to rest.

In snow, fires lay down,

                 at least for a while,

to pause voracious appetites.

In balance of the opposite,

            there is room for another lens, point of view.

If only for a moment…

                                       …in snow,

we realize the other side of grand intention,

and know, in balance, 

         we evolve.




Author’s Note:

From Journal Issue #11 at Wormwood Press Media.

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