Day 19: Peace Poetry Postcard Month



The day I died,
a bereavement of sorts,
I found myself dismembered.

Through shattered
scattered all round,
I foraged to recompose
the whole of me.

I learned to leave
behind depletion.
Breathe in singularity.

As shard by shard
myself rebuilt,
a peaceful horizon

We lose in pain,
but in the gain
we find ourselves




Day 18: Peace Poetry Postcard Month


You gave me a wishing
stone from your great sea,
grey streaked with white
carved into lines across its face.

It took great patience to
become that constant stone,
a peace that escapes many.

It braved time,
now shows its bones
to make my wish upon.

May the patience of your creation
surround us in strength and surety.

May we know your pacific peace
and stay the course.

May we find one another as we
bare our bones in solidarity.


Day 17: Peace Poetry Postcard Month




Only a half shell, creamy white
tinged with purple blush on one side,
a right fit for my palm.

A simple remembrance
of a powerful tide –
slow, steadily inching
its way to me.

Silently, I stand with
that peace of you in my palm.
Divine that I, too,
am a meager piece of you
held in your beloved palm.


Day 15: Peace Poetry Postcard Month



You can spot them easily, though
you may not know them well


Family who show each
lineation in bounteous ways

Those who look like sun

Or weedy ones fixing
nitrogen for others

Ones who grow underground
and hoist their umbrellas
to announce their arrival

While some are more cultivated, showy

Or the peaceful ones

All important, all beloved

Family, each requiring
sun and water
moon and air

Like us, kindred
in this wondrous sphere
we call home

Stand Up

Day 13: Peace Poetry Postcard Month




Stand up,
even if exhaustion
grips your soul,
stand up.

I was told,
look at other
points of view.

Exhausting work
when other views
ignore the peace
of our heartbeat,
cry of empty stomachs,
moan of our segregation.

Stand up,
don’t sit down now.
We’re making a


No Explanation Needed

Day 12: Peace Poetry Postcard Month



There is a song, an answer to be found in the wind.

Sharp winter wind
brushes across my face,
its softness a contrast
to its ice.

Dry leaves clinging,
clacking as I pass
under their bony canopy.

Bremen sniffs the air,
an urgent whine to move on
under the gray day firmament.

In the peace of my silent voice,
I listen.

No explanation needed.


Two Days for the Price of One

Day 11: Peace Poetry Postcard Month



Morning Breath

My eyes still closed in
evening’s slumber,
not knowing night
was past and new
day had begun,
your bittersweet fire lit
my room.

Ribbons of aquamarine,
whipped cream,
wrapped Earth
in your peaceful
sigh breathing
me awake.



Day 10: Peace Poetry Postcard Month

Sacred Oneness

I am a star…
No, not that one who
shines across TV screens,
sells the newest skinny cream,
sings the loudest songs.
Definitely not that one.

If you look into the
deepest sky of peaceful night,
I am there, a part of me –
with you.

Yes, you,
you and I
winking to each other
this sacred oneness,

We are stars, you know,
a piece of you
and a piece of me.