Two Days for the Price of One

Day 11: Peace Poetry Postcard Month



Morning Breath

My eyes still closed in
evening’s slumber,
not knowing night
was past and new
day had begun,
your bittersweet fire lit
my room.

Ribbons of aquamarine,
whipped cream,
wrapped Earth
in your peaceful
sigh breathing
me awake.



Day 10: Peace Poetry Postcard Month

Sacred Oneness

I am a star…
No, not that one who
shines across TV screens,
sells the newest skinny cream,
sings the loudest songs.
Definitely not that one.

If you look into the
deepest sky of peaceful night,
I am there, a part of me –
with you.

Yes, you,
you and I
winking to each other
this sacred oneness,

We are stars, you know,
a piece of you
and a piece of me.

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