Day Three: Peace Poetry Postcard Month




You broke in half,
one piece, two piece,
purple shell
so carefully guarded.

Away from moist sea air,
you hardened, soft tissue
no longer resilient
reconciling two
to become one.

In heat of angry words
or battle, peace is broken
in half and half again
until all there is left
isĀ pieces.



2 thoughts on “Shell

  1. Lexann The last time I walked the beach I just picked up broken pieces of beautiful shells which I keep in a small dish to remind me that in brokenness there is still beauty.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. Ann

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  2. Ann, I love the ocean. I visited the Pacific and the Atlantic this past year. I collected many and I, too, have a bowl full in addition to the one in the photo with the sand. They are so very beautiful. The postcard that I am using I had printed with a mandala I made with them. I’ll post the postcard next time. Love you. Lex

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