Day Two – Peace Poetry Postcard Month

You chattered and squealed
as Benny and I walked the concreted
peripheral of open space nestled
into my suburban hood.

I wondered of the fuss.
At first, I didn’t know it was you.
On return, you crossed our path
dropping your wily cover.

I peel off my dreary mask
cleansed under peace of night
and dance your raccoon waltz.


2 thoughts on “Raccoon

  1. Thanks, Lex. Charlotte loved it. We have raccoons here and she feeds them table scraps. We have to keep the birdseed out of reach which is not easy. Interesting the way you identify with them and bring us along with you! ❤

  2. Oh, thank you Tom and Charlotte! The noise really frightened me at first. Occasionally I will hear an animal scuffle as Benny and walk at night. Usually, it doesn’t sound like a happy ending. But this sound was different. And when I realized is was a raccoon, I had to smile. ❤

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