My wish for you…


My wish for you
to be lost in museum
where beauty is
suspended animation
never to change
so you can know my
heart this moment.

My wish for you
to hear your heartbeat
deep within your being,
the undertone,
almost forgotten,
the voice of the Divine
in love with you.

My wish for you
to walk in rain,
not to wash away any
precious part of you,
but to make you glisten
so you really understand
your light in the world.

My wish for you
to open your palm,
strong and gentle,
vulnerable but
willing to offer
your whole self,
your full stunning self
without fear,
just love.

My wish for you
to know my gratitude
of friendship,
deep reverence of
your soul, joy in
your smile, and
peace in your
simple presence.

My dear, dear
friend, in perpetuum,
my wish for you.


Happy Valentine’s Day,



I was honored to be in the audience in 2014 to see this live. I loved her energy, movement, painting. And the fact it was also a collaboration added to the awe. Spirit abounds around every corner.

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