Inside where you can be small11831650_10206099436596878_7218317075227400681_n
there is a preciousness there.
It is safe like a seed protected
from the elements until the
right time is given.

Stay small, allow yourself to be
vulnerable, be you. There
is a master plan. No need
to start anew when some
date on a calendar demands

If you learn to listen in that
small dark place from within,
you will grow just at the right
time, but you must trust.

Be small yet generous with
your time of quiet, even in
noise filled caverns, if you
are quiet, you can hear
the tiniest beats of life.

Listen for them, not in the
rush or banging of the big
world, it is in the smallness
of surrender truth is found.

Go out today with gentleness
and sweetness as your guide.
Meet the onslaught with your
hallowed self, the same little
shoot that grows into a
redwood strong and noble,
listening, giving the world
new life.




Happy New Year!

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