I wish you knew how crazy you make me12274318_10206727773744914_7556958992277019281_n
like bony arms of winter trees
heavy with ice scraping across
the window, clawing the roof
in the blizzardwind of my mind
I want to scream

I wish you knew
how my naked feet catch on water
warped wood near the fridge
that leaked unnoticed for weeks,
the pleasure of sliding them
across smooth varnished floor
taken by indifference

I wish you knew
how the turn of your head
away from the opening door, brushed
aside as if I hadn’t entered, makes
me want to scream, “I am here, notice me”

I wish you knew how fire burns
when your smile ignites, your eyes
catch mine in those moments
where we meet in words shared
from ancient ones who know how hidden
souls entwine so tightly by accident, or by
some sweet mystery only known by
another’s Hand.

I wish you knew when I open my eyes you are
there in the silence of each new
beginning given and how I wish I could
tell you.

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