Quiet Warrior, A Prayer

May I be a quiet warrior
Hear your voice
Unleash it from within
Soothe the wounded fearful

May I be a quiet warrior
Patient in my step
Honor each footfall
Leave no mark

May I be a quiet warrior
Still in your vision
Understand You
In each face I meet, hand I touch

May I be a quiet warrior
Cleansed in your fire
A tender Union
I am your quiet warrior

4 thoughts on “Quiet Warrior, A Prayer

  1. I both appreciate this new entry and find myself wrestling with the image of “warrior” as you use it here. Looking forward to conversation this eve!


    • Ah, the warrior. I like the strength it gives, the determination to be. Quiet takes it off base. A warrior must be quiet, hear and listen, then move with assurance as a vessel of the Divine. Tender gives the warrior needed vulnerability because that is where we depend on Spirit to guide and be the One who guides. There is release here, but strong in conviction. Good conversation tonight!

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