If I could take it all back,Bellona,_&_count's_coronet,_C19th_floor_tile,_in_a_Wiltshire_church,_UK_(i-phone_photo_2014)
present it a different way,
maybe you would understand

I would start with a whisper
not a growl
I would offer my hand
not a fist

I would listen,
listen until you were

I would understand

Then we would
walk side by side
weapons left behind
arrows dulled
fire burning only to warm

Yes, I would hear
your heartbeat,
the one that sounds
like mine




Author’s Note:

War. Anger. Greed. They all begin in the same way. Not listening. Thinking I am only right. Not seeing the Divine in everyone.

Yes, everyone. Terrorist and lover alike.

It sounds simplistic. Naive. Ignorant. Childish.

But maybe that is where I need to stand. Like a child in trust, listening to learn, yearning for your tenderness.

Bellona is the Roman goddess of war. May she put down her shield, become vulnerable, and listen.

It begins with silence. Observing, not judging. Being open to recognize the Divine in you.

Peace this day to you.

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