Never, Ever, Grow Up

Look at me through soapy bubbles
bulging from a small round ring,
All drippy, running down your fingers
as your eyes catch rainbow gleams
swirling across the orbs.

Leave your shoes inside the door.
Feel cool moist earth
holding you in balance
where soft green ribbons tickle
and brush across your toes.

Go ahead, climb the branch
that reaches higher than you should.
The fruit is there for your picking,
the perfect one, the only one that
matters, forget there are others safer
to grab. Forget those that don’t provoke
a flush, go for the one that dares.

Stay in the land of wonderment
where your size doesn’t matter to the
world you play. Where crickets
and dinosaurs dance as partners
and nothing seems impossible.

It’s Easy

It’s easy to overlook
what I see everyday.

The glint of sun off the
teaspoon sitting on the
kitchen table.

The graceful arc of the
maple as I walk
to the car.

The soft fur
on the back of his head
between his ears.

It’s easy to dismiss
that which doesn’t
shout out it’s worth.

It’s too easy to let
shadow fall
across my being.

Bury my daring
that shouts out
my worth.

May I rise in tandem
with the sun
to make me brave,
to shout out my worth.