Only in vulnerability

The 12th Day of Christmas

In late afternoon the snow melted
on the back deck leaving dark grey
splotches to shine under the full moon
as winter chill descends

And snow will drop in just after midnight
ice crystaled flakes imbed themselves
into the forlorn slick, a shrouded veil,
meekly laid cover to disguise vulnerability

Our dark season likes to play games
with hope, draping itself leisurely
in sun-washed skies, clearly
beckoning me to leave behind my
obligation to dally in its pleasure

Under its grin I allow myself to imbibe,
hope to linger in its exhaledĀ embrace
crisp under a teal canopy

If I tarry, neglect to ready myself
to the falling sun behind white
peaks outlined in the day’s exit,
I leave myself vulnerable

I leave myself vulnerable to hope
that time will bring a gentle touch
of spring to wrap me in sweetness
of newly scented gardens

I leave myself vulnerable in hope
to feel your kiss aflame on my lips
your pant upon my cheek
your hand in gentle grasp of mine

I leave myself vulnerable to hope
that I will meet You just as I am
wallowing in your goodness
under stars and sun, beneath moon
or inside rain, swirling within blizzard
or silent in your still-morning smile

Only in vulnerability do I leave
myself ajar to Your possibility

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