5th Day of Christmas10891903_10204500304179567_2726705124056858368_n

I hear the neighbor scraping
snow from our sidewalk,
it is an act of gratitude for
use of our driveway, although
we never require repayment

I would prefer to allow snow
to pile up for a little longer,
to see its pure white face
untouched, at peace, before
innocence is lifted away

But snow continues to
fall, covers the neighbor’s
scratch marks, leaves an icy
under glaze for unwary feet
braving the frigid storm,
unaware of hidden danger

This in-between time, between
the years, between dark and
lightening of days I watch
in gratitude flakes covering the
ground, a hushed season’s rite

Sun hidden in between infinity
and cloud, yet light reflects,
diffused, remains bright enough
to find my way through the day
if I were to venture out

In between me and you I
diffuse your light, your
whispered words of grace,
boundaries dissolve in your
patient hands, you await me

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