First Frost

It began with the full moon, a Super Moon
someone named it, as if it wore a cape.
Invincible of all except for one solitary
element alone in the evening sky.

For days its light spread over houses,
draped across trees, reflected on pools
of onyx glass throwing its smile back into
the heavens.

Then rains began to fall. A mist mixed
with low slung cloud. A thick swirl rolling
down hills, filling space where summer
sun once nested.

Now full bloom gardens bulging with
rainbow hues and verdant greens of every
shade will bow and curl under icy breath
this callow autumn eve.

A blanket wraps round my shoulders,
I would it be your arms. The quiet sigh
of first frost fills my ears, I wish it your
whispered words just for me to hear.




Author’s Note:

It’s September 11 and it’s cold outside. Really cold. It will frost tonight and we may get a light snow. The mountains will definitely see snow. Crazy weather. It’s too early for snow. Or at least we always thought so.

Here is a photo of the last harvest of my garden. Saying goodbye to my treasured friends until next year.


2 thoughts on “First Frost

  1. I hate the celebritization (my word) of the “Super Moon”. I mean as an astronomical event you can’t tell the moon is closer or bigger than any other full moon. Weather conditions and perspective can do more to affect the perceived size of the moon. But over the last two to three years, this non-event to our senses has been given celebrity status in the news media. As if a goddess needed celebrity status to justify her reign of the night that has been going on for millions of years. Since, before we were even humans.

    • My husband is an amateur astronomer who builds telescopes. He agrees with you. Since he explained this to me I now enjoy seeing the moon with new eyes. Last night driving home was a great example. My place on the highway let me see the moon against so tall buildings. The moon looked enormous. As I drove my position changed and the moon’s size appeared to diminish. Really cool. So true about the dear goddess 🙂

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