Midsummer’s Fever

The monsoon has moved on. The wind
is stilled. Leaden scarves blown from

evening’s facade unveil a keen indigo
backdrop of lucent stars flickering in

approval. The cool edge of rainstormed
nights has softened to a mellow flush.

I know what this means. Soon swelter
will make its entrance without remorse.

Days will simmer and nights will swoon,
not as lovers impassioned, but indifferent

consorts consummating their roles in
midsummer’s fervor. We will groan with fever

and sleep uneasy until once more, day pares
down and eventide spreads politely obliged.




Author’s Note:

Our summer heat is finally arriving. They say it will be close to 100 degrees tomorrow. Almost, but not quite a record. The monsoon and cool weather has made for green grass and lush gardens this year without the need for too much extra watering. A summer blessing for this dry, hot state of Colorado. As always, I will welcome the fall.

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