In the late night of the day after the
Fourth of July, I sit on the deck in the
dark waiting for the next day to arrive.

I am content having finished a few
new written words, taking my story a
little further than I thought it could go.

A calm resides in me. The firecrackers
have been mostly silenced to the late hour,
smoke cleared. Bremen sleeps at my feet.

A smile curves gently across my face.
There is a peace that settles in when
I think of you and your light.

When we realize who we are and the
gifts we have been given, your light
shines enduringly to light our way.

It is not a boldness that takes over,
but a faith that holds our hands and
reminds us to trust ourselves, you.

And your light shines brighter.
Change is good. It’s not what we
thought it was going to be, but more.

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