My Silly Cold Toes

It is almost the end of June
our nightly storm has passed
a regular visitor this summer

barefoot I venture out

my toes splash in tiny pools
here and there

cool, almost cold air teases my cheek
reminds me the storm
has only just passed

I take a deep breath
rain scent lingers, delights my nose

a merry little breeze
shakes raindrops from leaves
plops onto my outstretched palms
a trickster’s game
an attempt to convince
the unaware to be aware
of storms brewing above

I am smarter than that
to fall for such foolery
the storm is gone for now

I am a child again

I tap one foot, then the other
rain splatters
I search for bigger and bigger puddles
to entertain my toes
my silly cold toes

the locust tree shakes
in laughter at my antics
I am wet
how can leaves so small
captivate so many raindrops

I listen to the rumble now far
what was once overhead
consuming the night has passed

I am a child again
surrendered to wonder
drenched and enraptured

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