You Told Me So

I hear my footsteps pad on the sidewalk long
before children trample their way to school.
In early morning air I am almost alone in this
suburban maze, silence not often found here.

Bremen’s claws, too long because his fear of me
too close, holding too tight, no room for escape, scuff
along the cement. His eyes catch the flight of a
neighbor rabbit unsure of his motives. He has none.

We walk in silence not changing anything in our
path. We breathe sweet air cleaned of daily
chores past, ready to embrace the new once again.

I long to know You, your smile, your breath. In these
early jaunts, I can almost feel your touch. I know You
are there, You told me so.

You are in the filling of my lungs, the fullness in my eyes.
You walk with me in sweet word, gentle prayer,
song waiting to be heard, a tug at the end of a leash.
You are there. You told me so.




Author’s Note:

Good night.

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