The Same One Noticed

Did you notice the moon last night, not quite yet full?
I saw this not quite perfect orb as I retired from

the warmth of friends. I stood on the sidewalk looking
up at its radiance. I asked others, deep in conversation,

Do you see it? Don’t you see? There I distinguished
it’s brilliance, surrounded by voices chatting of the

drive home, laundry, tomorrow’s trials. As they spoke
I considered the gracious round, a welcome guise

of something bigger than ourselves. One doesn’t
need to save contemplation of such splendor for

times more appropriate. One needn’t wait to stand
on green growing grass in sweet scented meadows,

on high rocky peaks or near ocean’s waves. Grey
cracked sidewalks and shifting asphalt balance my

anatomy quite nicely. My city feet walk on potholed
blacktop as the ancients walked on their hallowed

ground under moon’s luminosity. I rise to the sky
widening my berth to inhale the gentle round’s

lambency. I scan the vast backdrop, take a
moment to behold. Did you catch it as you left?

The same celestial ball that he once witnessed
as he slipped into sleep, the same one noticed.




Author’s Note:

As I was leaving class last evening, the almost full moon was high in the sky. It was magnificent. We were anxious to leave, but we acknowledged its presence.

In class we are studying the Gospel of John. That evening the word “see” was discussed. Uisng the book, Mystical Christianity by John A. Sanford, we explored different meanings “see” in context of the gospel and came to a deeper understanding of the Word.

The word “see” and many of its ways of explaining itself, and the moon gave me my inspiration.

2 thoughts on “The Same One Noticed

  1. What I wonderful piece of work! I hope you began feeling well I have had hernia surgery myself. It is no fun. I will pray for you. If you are feeling well enough I hope you will read some of your poetry on Saturday night. Looking forward to it thanks for being part of our journey

    A Christian is one whose door is closed to no one and whose table is open to all.. Pelagius

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