You bowed with such sweet reverence,napo2014button1
your saffron head inclined
as I passed by, my dog at heal,
in early morning fog.

Startled by your piety, I10009872_10202694533796436_5608063311309472939_n
stopped in wonder at your
gaiety. Good morning, dear, you
seemed to say. And on I

went, he pulled me forward to my
blessed day and with your
daff’s good cheer, I carried on so
grateful for His zeal.




Author’s Note:
For NaPoWriMo today our prompt was to write a love poem to an inanimate object.

Well, my morning mantram doggie walk took me past a lovely little daffodil blooming in a neighbor’s yard. So I decided instead of a love poem I would try my hand at, and I am even embarrassed to say, a little something Emily Dickensonish.

I’ll work on it.




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