Our Native Ground

Bees no longer callnapo2014button1 as often as they used to.
Pausing in my garden I once knew swift winged
hums brushing the air, a peaceful path of earth
alive with bantam workers.

Ladies in painted scarves of apricot and ebony,
proboscis partaking in summer vintage
tarry less than seasons past.

Uninvited tankards of elixir spread promises
of verdant carefree grass, a vow never pledged
in this thirsty acreage. Bluegrass brought from rain
nourished country labors to survive,
cruel work for a foreign hostage.

Our earth,
our native ground
sends heavenward,

eyelash grass and silver beard
whirling, bending in the current

little golden zinnia, buffalo berry

milkweed for the ladies
beebalm for the bees

purple prairie clover
larkspur, tansyaster
firewheel and flax

bitterbrush when
heartbreak comes

mexican hat shade
for hearty celebration

black-eyed Susan’s
wide-eyed cheer

pink mimosa, a Sunday brunch
evening primrose beckons sleep.

Pines and spruce
cottonwoods and poplars
quaking aspen raise us
upward to the sky.

All have been given, placed
with loving hands
to feed and nourish,




Author’s Note:

Not using the prompt today. Spring fever.

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