This time of day when I broke into this world
as the sun took its leave in the new spring sky,

I know the infinity of its descending glow. Now
in winter the gentleness of its rays soften the

edges of the long labored day, night’s stillness
tenderly ushers in. Deer follow their path across

the snow patched arroyo, birds nestle into arms
of their shelter, silence descends. My breath

slows in the crisp chilled air, I suck deeply
filling my soul. I, too, am his creation.

Author’s Note:

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the possible reason I am so comfortable and relaxed when the sun is setting. I was born at 5:56 in the spring.

This evening I am bringing to a close a powerful silent retreat I made this weekend. I will be heading back into the world tomorrow, but I will not leave barren. In a few simple days I have gone through an amazing journey of a heart opening, discovery, and troubling darkness. But I am coming out on the other side with joy in my heart.

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