3rd Day of Christmas/December 27

I hold my glass up to the fire’s blaze. Through
thick cut crystal the cardinal liquid cleaves
into hues of sapphire, vermillion, and plum.

Dipping the cup away from my lips, my eyes
partner with figures caught in the glow.
Twisting the stem, we swirl and bow.

I whisper my toast with chalice raised high to
the One above in praise of our new beginning.
The fire bids a sprightly response in kind.

This third day arrives following opulent feasts,
packages bursting with promise, tumbling
words and smiles.

Today escorts a gracious thanksgiving. A
peace rests under the tree. I take a breath in
the stillness of His presence and His love for me.

Author’s Note:

The third day of Christmas in Christian churches is dedicated to St. John the Evangelist. He seems to have many associations with wine being at the marriage fest of Cana and, by some traditions, having been served wine laced with poison and surviving. So my poem this third day raises a glass in gratefulness of the gift of this season.

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